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About Diminished Nerve Function and Zobria®

About one-half of all diabetics will develop numbness, tingling, burning, or pain in their feet and legs. The breakdown in the functioning of these nerves may be due to many factors, one of which is deficiency in certain essential nutrients. A group of respected research scientists recently published a study that showed diabetics have 75% less of certain nutrients in their blood plasma than people not suffering from diabetes. They showed that this was due to excessive urination of thiamine by diabetics as compared to non-diabetics. Studies have shown that reversing this nutrient deficiency in diabetics with the key ingredients in Zobria®‘s proprietary formula generally improves the functioning of the nerves in the feet and legs within a month.*
Excessive and chronic alcohol consumption has been shown to have a toxic effect on the intestines, impairing the absorption of vital nutrients. As such, many people who have abused alcohol develop diminished nerve function due to nutrient deficiency. This can cause numbness, tingling, burning, or pain in their feet and legs. It can also cause impaired functioning of the brain. The use of the key ingredients in Zobria® has been shown to improve numbness, tingling, burning, and pain in the feet and legs. It has also been shown to improve brain function in people who have abused alcohol excessively over long periods of time.*

Nutrient deficiency is common in people older than 65 years of age and likely causes the nerves in the feet and legs to function less successfully, causing numbness, tingling, burning, or shooting pains. One study found that these symptoms affect over 25% of people aged 65-75, and over 50% of people 85 years of age or older.

A recent study found 16% of people considered obese are deficient in certain nutrients with over one half of them suffering from numbness, tingling, burning, or pain in the feet and legs. Nutrient deficiency-induced diminished nerve function also affects about 1 in 5 of people after gastric bypass surgery.

Many medications can cause nutrient deficiency-induced diminished nerve function, including:
  • Metformin—the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of diabetes—inhibits the absorption of certain vitamins from the intestines.
  • Diuretics, also known as water pills, are used in the treatment of high blood pressure and swelling in the legs. Diuretics can cause excessive urination of vitamin B1—causing nutrient deficiencies.
  • Drugs used in the treatment of cancer such as fluorouracil, paclitaxel, and nivolumab.
Zobria® and Zobria® Plus are most effective when taken as follows: during the first 30 days, take two (2) capsules twice a day with food. After the first 30 days, take two (2) capsules once a day with food.
Zobria® is free of allergens such as wheat, soy, and dairy.
Zobria® does not contain GMOs.

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